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Environmental groups demand release of Akamas investigation findings

CyprusMail 14 May 2024
Terra Cypria, BirdLife Cyprus, the Cyprus Wildlife Society and the Natural Coastline Initiative called for the results of the investigation to be made immediately available, specifically for the roads ...

Environmental organisations demand immediate publication of Akamas report

Philenews 14 May 2024
Terra Cypria, BirdLife Cyprus, the Cyprus Wildlife Society, and the Initiative for the Rescue of Natural Coastlines are calling for the immediate release of the final report of the administrative ...

Cyprus faces criticism over hunting dog training practices

Philenews 13 May 2024
Serious concerns and intense worries have been expressed in recent weeks due to the possible indictment of Cyprus regarding the training of hunting dogs during the breeding period of game and protected species of wildlife.

CABS report reduction of bird trapping in Cyprus

Famagusta Gazette 29 Apr 2024
“The high fines imposed for illegal bird trapping in spring, combined with the intense monitoring efforts by CABS and BirdLife Cyprus, have decisively contributed to the reduction of these crimes in ...

Tragic tale of Cyprus turtle

CyprusMail 23 Mar 2024
While the beaches of north Cyprus have the second worst microplastic pollution in the world, Alix Norman meets a marine mentor who’s penning tales to save our seas. Worryingly, the majority of turtles born in Cyprus are female.

‘Water bug found in Cyprus does not bite toes’

CyprusMail 21 Mar 2024
The giant water bug, which has been found in Cyprus by scientists, does not bite human toes, Cyprus Wildlife Research Institute director Kemal Basat clarified on Thursday. Speaking to the Cyprus Mail, ...

Massive bug sighted: keep your toes out of the water

CyprusMail 20 Mar 2024
... of the Cyprus Natural Heritage and Biodiversity Protection Society, alongside Yiakoumis Giortzis from the agriculture ministry and Kadir Boğaç Kunt from the Cyprus Wildlife Research Institute.

Akamas works ‘on the right track’

CyprusMail 17 Mar 2024
The environmental organisations BirdLife Cyprus, Terra Cypria, the Wildlife Protection Association (CWS) and the Initiative for the Conservation of Natural Coasts, as well as independent members of ...

More than 400,000 songbirds killed by organised crime in Cyprus

The Observer 06 Mar 2024
More than 400,000 songbirds were trapped and killed in Cyprus last autumn as part of a recent increase in wildlife crime, according to a ... Martin Hellicar, the director of BirdLife Cyprus, said.

Cyprus told to speed up its recovery plan

CyprusMail 22 Feb 2024
... in the area of climate and environmental policies, Cyprus faces the challenge of high greenhouse gas emissions, gaps in water and waste management, and the need to safeguard biodiversity and wildlife.

Open Letter for Environmental Protection of the Buffer Zone

CyprusMail 26 Dec 2023
To the People of Cyprus, though our land may be divided between the north and the south, ... Like a phoenix that rose from the ashes, the buffer zone became an unofficial wildlife refuge for endemics from iconic mouflons to small Cyprus tulips.

Audit office says hands tied over Akamas investigation

CyprusMail 19 Dec 2023
BirdLife Cyprus, Terra Cypria, the Cyprus Wildlife Society and the Cyprus Natural Coastline initiative said the minister’s remarks on December 5 were remiss in that they made no explicit mention of ...

Ακάμας: Ζητούν δημοσίευση πορίσματος και απόδοση ευθυνών

Stockwatch 19 Dec 2023
Το BirdLife Cyprus, η Terra Cypria,ο Σύνδεσμος Προστασίας Άγριας Ζωής (Cyprus Wildlife Society) και η Πρωτοβουλία για την Διάσωση των Φυσικών Ακτών (Cyprus Natural Coastline), σε κοινή ανακοίνωση τους ...

Barn owls are back in Cyprus!

CyprusMail 18 Dec 2023
This is one of Cyprus’ successes – the good news we all need! It’s a feel-good story; something that has seen benefits for everyone from ministers to farmers, children to animals ... But in Cyprus, the ...